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Used Canoes and Accessories

Used canoes can be a good alternative to new ones and I occasionally have some for sale, either by myself, or for clients on consignment. I also sometimes have various canoe accessories for sale, as well, such as forms or trailers. I will be straightforward regarding the condition of these canoes and accessories, so you can be assured of knowing the full condition of each. I can ship canoes anywhere in the country, so don't hesitate to contact me even if you are not close to Olympia, Washington. I can recommend shipping options for any of these canoes or accessories, so don't be put off if shipping is required. Full payment is required prior to shipment or pickup. A shipping and handling charge will be added to orders shipped.

If you have a canoe or accessory that you would like me to list for you on consignment, please contact me for details. If you're looking for a particular type of canoe or accessory I might be able to find it for you as well. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll see if I can locate it. I also sometimes buy used wooden canoes and accessories, so if you have something that just isn't right for you anymore, contact me and let's see if we can find it a new home.

Please contact me for further information at:
McFarland Lake Canoe Company
1714 Dickinson Ave. NW
Olympia WA 98502
(360) 480-5444

Email: See Contacts page

Used Canoes and Accessories for Sale

All prices are subject to change without notice.

1950's Willits Brothers

This Willits Needs Some TLC!

Well-loved original Willits Brothers Canoe #804 seeking new home. This canoe has been in the same family for over 50 years. In need of some TLC and refinishing to bring back functional luster. Structurally sound, ready for a winter project and spring launch!

The owner is asking $1,000 for it. The canoe is located on Bainbridge Island, Washington. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Kennebec Display Model

Rare Display Model!

Here is a rare 68" Kennebec  display model,  The exterior is uniformly aged on both sides.  The interior is original with new caning of the seats.  Price $13,500.  Shipping $100 in a wooden crate. 

The owner is asking $13,500 for it. The model is located in Eugene, Oregon. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Early Willits Brothers

Fixer-Upper Canoe!

Here is a fixer-upper Willits canoe. Serial number and date of this 17' red cedar canoe is unknown, but it looks to be late 1920's. It's in rough shape, with damaged pieces, deteriorated varnish, and peeling fiberglass cover. This will definitely be a labor of love to restore, but is certainly not a goner!

This canoe is located in Spokane County, Washington. The owner is asking $1,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

1934 Willits Brothers

Spectacular Canoe and Accessories!

Here's another 17' Willits Brothers Canoe looking for a new owner. This is #475, built in Tacoma, Washington in 1934. It was restored by the current owner with multiple coats of varnish. The canoe comes with some rare accessories, including rowing seat, oarlocks, oars and rowing accessories including the mast, sail (not usable), rudder, and fin keel. If you're looking for a rare combination of original Willits canoe and accessories, this is the one for you.

This canoe is in Tucson, Arizona. The owner is asking $5,500 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

1946 Old Town OTCA Sailing Canoe

A Rare Find!
Price Reduced...

Here’s a wonderful 16-foot 1946 Old Town OTCA AA grade sailing canoe in magnificent condition. Since being professionally restored a few years ago it has been in the water only 5 times, so is nearly mint! The serial number is 144836-16.

This canoe was top-of-the-line for Old Town canoes, with mahogany trim, gunnels, decks, thwarts, and very rare slat seats. With the exception of the sail itself (which was built by Todd Bradshaw of Addiction Sailmakers) all the sailing accessories are original. This canoe also comes with the original floor rack and reproduction fan seat backs.

After years of enjoyment, the owner is looking to find a new home for this beauty. This canoe is available in Agoura, California, and the owner is asking $4,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Early 1900's Canadian Canoe Company

Canadian Canoe
Canadian Canoe

All Wood Masterpiece!

16'  CANADIAN CANOE CO.  ALL-WOOD, RIB AND BATTEN CANOE. Years ago this canoe had  major damage to the stern. The entire stern was replaced in the Eugene, Oregon boat shop of Tom Kaarhus. Established in 1935 the Kaarhus shop played a major part in the development of the McKenzie River drift boats, now known by fisherman around the world. Bass wood was used for planking on the Canadian all-wood canoes but was not available locally. Red cedar from local mills was used to plank the damaged area. Canoe tacks were also not available so copper boat nails were used as fastenings. While not typical canoe repair the work was done in a skillful fashion by a master craftsman and was returned to the water for many years of enjoyment. 

INCLUDING:  A pair of Canadian Canoe Company paddles, Faux painted with Hickory grain. Probably from the 1920s when Faux painting was popular.  One good CCC label. 57" and 60" long. One with clear finish, one crazed.  Both have 4" cracks in the blades.

This canoe is available in Eugene, Oregon, and the owner is asking $2,500 for all. Will haggle. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Willits Brothers Sail Rig

Willits Sail

Your Chance to Sail!

Always wanted to sail your canoe? Here's your chance. This is a sail rig for a Willits canoe. The spar and boom are original Willits construction while the sail is a well-made replica. The mast is not an original Willits, but will serve its purpose.

Willits sailing accessories are very difficult to come by and don't come on the market very often. While this one is not wholly original, it is functional and is an opportunity to round out part of your collection of Willits add-ons. It will also work wonderfully in any canoe if you don't own a Willits.

This sailing accessories are available in Freeland, Washington, and the owner is asking $595 for them. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

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