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Used Canoes and Accessories

Used canoes can be a good alternative to new ones and I occasionally have some for sale, either by myself, or for clients on consignment. I also sometimes have various canoe accessories for sale, as well, such as forms or trailers. I will be straightforward regarding the condition of these canoes and accessories, so you can be assured of knowing the full condition of each. I can ship canoes anywhere in the country, so don't hesitate to contact me even if you are not close to Olympia, Washington. I can recommend shipping options for any of these canoes or accessories, so don't be put off if shipping is required. Full payment is required prior to shipment or pickup. A shipping and handling charge will be added to orders shipped.

If you have a canoe or accessory that you would like me to list for you on consignment, please contact me for details. If you're looking for a particular type of canoe or accessory I might be able to find it for you as well. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll see if I can locate it. I also sometimes buy used wooden canoes and accessories, so if you have something that just isn't right for you anymore, contact me and let's see if we can find it a new home.

Please contact me for further information at:
McFarland Lake Canoe Company
1714 Dickinson Ave. NW
Olympia WA 98502
(360) 480-5444

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Used Canoes and Accessories for Sale

All prices are subject to change without notice.

1925 Willits Brothers

Willits 224

Early Willits Canoe!

Willits canoes just keep coming out of the woodwork! This one is from 1925 and is an example of one in which the brothers were using alternatives to mahogany. The red cedar hull is complimented with the use of teak for the decks, thwarts, and outwales while the seats are of mahogany.

The canoe is in good condition, showing typical wear marks to the hull. It has been modified by the addition of a nameplate on the outer hull, a hole in the king plank to accept a sailing mast, and oarlocks have been mounted near the rear 1/4 thwart. It has been refinished.

This canoe has been owned by the same family since it was purchased from the Willits brothers in 1925, but it's time to be passed along to another loving family!

It is available in Freeland, Washington, and the owner is asking $2,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

1958 Willits Brothers

Willits 902


Great Canoe with Great Accessories

Another Willits canoe has hit the market and it's got some wonderful accessories. It is hull #902 and is in very good condition. There is typical wear marks on the exterior and interior, but with the exception of minor cracks in 3 inner planks, the canoe is intact and displays beautiful lines. It has a pair of bilge keels on the hull.

Accessories include 2 original Willits paddles, a complete set of car-top carrier pads, a 1958 price list, and original letter to the original purchaser signed by Earl Willits.

This canoe is available in Scappoose, Oregon, and the owner is asking $3,600 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

1953 Willits Brothers

Willits 842

Willits accessories

Willits Invoice

Amazing Condition!

Willits Brothers Canoes like this don't come along very often! This one is #842 and it has never been refinished. In addition to the interior ribs being in near-mint condition, the exterior has never been sanded or refinished with the exception of a few blemishes receiving touch-up varnish to protect the wood. The tack heads are dimpled below the surface of the wood just as they were when the canoe came out of the factory.

The exterior has a few blemishes and wear marks from typical use, but these are strictly cosmetic. The rear deck has a couple of minor cracks that would be easily repaired. Because the varnish is original it is beginning to fail in a few spots such as the gunwales and keel.

The canoe has two sets of bilge keels, an option offered by the brothers, but not commonly installed. This canoe includes several desireable features including:

  • 2 Willits paddles (4.5 and 5 ft lengths)
  • Outboard motor mount
  • Upholstered seat back
  • Original wool rug
  • 4 car top pads and carrying bag
  • Willits Brothers Canoe catalog
  • Bill of sale and invoice

This canoe is available in Tacoma, Washington, and the owner is asking $8,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Willits Brothers Sail Rig

Willits Sail

Your Chance to Sail!

Always wanted to sail your canoe? Here's your chance. This is a sail rig for a Willits canoe. The spar and boom are original Willits construction while the sail is a well-made replica. The mast is not an original Willits, but will serve its purpose.

Willits sailing accessories are very difficult to come by and don't come on the market very often. While this one is not wholly original, it is functional and is an opportunity to round out part of your collection of Willits add-ons. It will also work wonderfully in any canoe if you don't own a Willits.

This sailing accessories are available in Freeland, Washington, and the owner is asking $595 for them. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

1942 Willits Brothers
0Willits 679

Willits literature

Willits 679

Loaded With Extras

Here is a unique Willits canoe (#679) with a one-of-a-kind factory fitting for sailing. It is of typical Willits construction using double-planked red cedar with teak trim. It is unusual in that it was set up for sailing with a sailing thwart and mast step installed in place of the bow seat. This canoe is in extremely good condition, with a masterful refinish job. The interior looks nearly as good as the day it came from the factory, as there are no wear marks from feet or gear.

Here's what's included with the canoe:

  • 1 set of car top carrier blocks, straps, carrying bag
  • Sailing accessories including fin keel, rudder, mast step, mast thwart, and rudder gudgeons. There is no mast or sail.
  • Reproduction bow spray cover and original carrying bags.
  • Willits Brothers Canoe catalog, repair sheets, and original bill of sale.

This canoe is available in Medina, Washington, and the owner is asking $10,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.




Willits Bill of Sale

1939 Willits Brothers

Willits 609

Willits 609

Willits 609

Willits 609

Jam-Packed with Accessories!

Lowered Price

Here is your chance to own Willits #609 that is not only in immaculate condition, but is loaded with the highly sought-after original Willits accessories. You'll not find another Willits canoe like this one anytime soon!

As in most Willits canoes, it is made of double-planked Western red cedar with a layer of waterproofed muslin between the planks. This canoe has seen little use, and so is in extraordinary condition, with only minor blemishes to the wood. It comes complete with the following extras:

  • Sail, mast & boom. Sail is customized with a professionally-done seahorse logo
  • Fin keel
  • Rudder
  • Two Willits paddles
  • Two upholstered back rests
  • Original flower motif wool rug
  • Two thwart-mounted Willits car-top cushions
  • Original Willits canvas storage cover with ridgeline and support posts
  • Bow-mounted "Crest" emblems
  • Original Willits Canoe catalog
  • 1933 National Geographic magazine featuring article on Willits canoe trip

This canoe is available in Santa Barbara, CA, and the owner is asking $12,000 for it. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

Early 1900's Robertson Courting Canoe
$5,900    $4,900

Robertson Courting Canoe

Courting Canoe

Courting Canoe

  A Masterpiece!
New Lower Price!!

Here's your chance to own a true masterpiece of a canoe. This is a 16' Robertson courting canoe, of unknown vintage, but likely from the early 1900's. It has been painstakenly restored by a master craftsman in Oregon. He brought this canoe back to life by producing and installing mahogany trim, floor boards, flat white yacht enamel, brass stem bands, professionally painted pinstripe and white geese pair. The thwarts and 4' bookmatched mahogany decks are original. The bow of the canoe was displayed on the cover of WOODEN CANOE JOURNAL, December 2012.

This canoe will be just the right romantic gift!

This canoe is available in Eugene, Oregon and the owner is asking $4,900 for it. He will consider reasonable offers. If interested, please contact me by email or phone at (360) 480-5444.

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